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What it represents for the moment the Chinese market Security Systems? Without a doubt, it is the largest in the world. Certainly, the bulk of the domestic market, but rapidly developing, and the external market. It should be noted that to date electronics, home appliances and equipment account for 60% of Chinese exports. Also, we went to the Russian market to provide you with our vysokachestvennoe equipment.
At the beginning of XXveka appeared stereotype, when cheap Chinese goods have flooded many countries and continents, which in most cases did not meet quality standards. But, over time, the manufacturer of consumer goods - Christmas decorations, toys, shoes and clothes - the country has become a supplier other than air-conditioners, mobile phones, televisions, refrigerators and safety systems, and the vast majority of the world's leading companies gladly put their logos on products labeled made in China. Production is gradually becoming better and because it's cheap to compete successfully in all world markets in an increasing number of commodity groups. Industrialists, many states have lost sleep and rest, and industrial businesses of the two super-giants of Japan and the United States and does on the brink of survival.
The production power of China is well organized, have a territorial specialization and are located in industrialized provinces. We are interested in plants for the production of safety systems are concentrated in southern China, in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Size of plants reach the size of cities, and the production quality on them is very high. Due to the mass and cheap labor, low cost production of these plants does not leave any chance of producing one unit manually, as they say on the knee, which is simply not profitable. Electronics are not soft toys, to organize mass production of complex technical products in the basement of an impossible task.
On our machines are directly casting plastic and metal components of the devices. Then cast panels are a visual inspection to identify possible defects (bubbles, cracks, incomplete filling, etc.). After that, they applied the logo of our company and other required designations (this process you can look at photos). In the same workshop panels are equipped with the necessary details and otpravlyayutsya to test our experts.


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